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The Animal Jam Dark Groups Wikia is an interactive site used to inform any roleplayers of the current dark-oriented groups on Animal Jam (WildWorks [Smart Bomb Interactive] / © National Geographic). Everybody is welcome to contribute to the wikia, add pages, make blog posts, etc. Please make sure to read the Wiki Rules and make sure to thoroughly read the guidelines, although they are rather simple.

The Animal Jam Dark Groups Wikia is home to all of the dark-oriented, neutral-to-dark, and fluid groups. Light groups are allowed, but are fairly rare on this wikia. We house discussions, separate roleplay threads, votes, and more. New users are welcomed with open arms, and if you have a question, feel free to ask an administrator or any of our righted users. Have fun editing!


The AJDGW are our "group" of righted users who are in charge of keeping the wikia rules enforced. If you have questions or concerns about anything, feel free to contact them! If you notice a user that is violating any of the rules, please notify one of these users immediately. Applications to request a righted user position will be opened shortly!

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